April showers bring May flowers…

or in this case a limo ride!

Congratulations to Jamie Adams on winning our 29th Anniversary Giveaway!Congratulations to Jamie Adams on winning our 29th Anniversary Giveaway!

Brentwood changed things up this year by taking our surprise out on the road with us. Travelling from Kitchener to Woodstock, we gave Jamie little knowledge on why we were coming to drop “something” off for him.

Taking a road trip to Allen’s Building Center with our 30 passenger Limbusine was definitely something new. We arrived at the building center early afternoon. The excitement was high, as Jamie came out to the Limbusine with some work friends. Brent, CEO of Brentwood Livery had done the entire surprise on Facebook live! (Check it out here or watch the video below) We were able to capture the excitement on film as we told him he had just won a 29 passenger Limbusine for 5 hours (Retail Value $850).

The contest went so well that Brentwood Livery is not done celebrating yet! We want to give another lucky group the chance to win! The sooner you book in the beginning of the month of May the more bonus entries you can receive! Happy booking!

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