3 Limo Booking Mistakes Everyone is Lured into making…

3 Limousine Booking MistakesWe’ve heard too many unsettling stories of people making these booking mistakes when choosing a limousine company. You don’t need to make the same mistakes.

We have come up with answers and tips on how to help you make the best decisions for booking a limousine company to create your picture-perfect day.

Question: Can the price be too good to be true?

Answer: Absolutely! Companies that are priced the lowest have to cut corners to make money.  Usually corner cut with low price shows up is in the quality of the limo that arrives for your event. Companies save money by not cleaning or properly maintaining their fleet . The second corner cut shows up directly in lack of service.  Chauffeurs aren’t even trained how to be chauffeurs.

Price will vary depending on the number of hours of service you receive however choosing the cheapest price is far too often the biggest mistake.


#1 Choose a company that is passionate about their services, and holds themselves accountable for any issues that may arise.
#2 Choose a company with a strong guarantee.

Question: How do I know the limo pictured on the website is the limo I will get?

Answer: You don’t.  Anyone can post nice pictures and make promises they don’t intend to keep! Choosing a trustworthy company requires more research than their website.


#1 Choose a company that cares about you.
#2 Choose a company that will help you plan your event
#3 Choose a company you can meet face to face at a real
business location to see their fleet

Question: How do I know I’m going to get what I paid for?

Answer: You don’t always get what you paid for!  Some limo companies take your money and don’t even show up!
Not all companies are ethical or believe you should receive value. Don’t take the companies word for it.


#1 Get referrals from people who have experienced the service before you hire them.
#2 Check reviews online.
#3 Read testimonials.
#4 Choose a company that values your business.

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