ClutchPower Team Workshops

Team building that just clicks

Bring your team together with a day of creativity and collaboration. Through guided exercises your team will learn how to build their thoughts using LEGO bricks and share what’s truly important to them.  Play with a Purpose.

corporate team building workshop
Strategic Planning and growth for companies
team creativity and collaboration


ClutchPower's Play with a Purpose allows an individual to express their thoughts in a way that is visible to everyone around them, multi-dimensional in order to more accurately express the thought and create deeper insights as more of the individuals subconscious beliefs are identified with the help of a certified LSP facilitator.

If you choose the strategy deployment Workshop you will even leave with the solution mapped out and the action steps for the vision moving forward.

Choose your preferred ClutchPower experience:


Development Package: Fun, Team Building Collaboration

  • 3 hour workshop
  • 12 to 150 participants
  • Chauffeured Service

Discovery Package: Growth, Strategic Planning

  • 4 hour workshop
  • 4 to 32 participants
  • Prior strategic planning session
  • Chauffeured Service

Deploy Package: Implementation Plan

  • 7 hour workshop
  • 4 to 32 participants
  • Prior strategic planning session
  • Implementation plan
  • Chauffeured Service

The Clutch Power Consulting workshops are great for group parties, birthday parties, corporate team building, and relationship building.

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