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Doing the job you have been hired to do is a natural given , but to bond, have fun and find common interest with the people you spend over half of your day with may not come as easy. That’s why team building is crucial! Not only is it important for each party to have a better understanding of their co worker but it forces you to get out of a natural work environment where conversation may be forced and personalities are hard to decipher. Plus, its an awesome way to be social, network and learn a bit more of those people you are with on a regular basis. Get out and have fun as a team!

Here are the top 5 team building ideas from our friends over at The Event Firm Inc:

1.Team Physical Activities!

Corporate Team Building Kitchener WaterlooGetting out with your team and doing something completely fun, physical and different is part of the plan! Rock climbing, throwing axes, tubing, skiing (subject to seasons) hiking, swimming, biking are all activities that can create a natural and friendly competition between you and your co workers.
Here are some links to some awesome spots:


2. Get Your Team Thinking

Get Your Team Thinking - Problem Solving Team Building ActivitiesAs an employee you may have to solve or fix issues on your own but have you ever had to do it as part of a team? If you did, did you have fun or enjoy doing it? Team building activities can be as simple as problem solving! Working together as a team is a positive way to get everyone on the same page.  By doing puzzles, figuring out riddles and working together as a team,  the end goal teaches how to  communicate and complete tasks while in distracting and stressful situations encouraging you and your team to think quick and make fast decisions!

Here are some links to some great facilities that encourage team thinking!


3. Experience a Virtual Reality!

Waterloo Team Building - Games and FunTeam building does not have to be a chore! Make it fun! So many great places in KW have ample space to host larger groups with the intent to play and relive childish past times. Bond over an arcade game, run through a maze to find the bad guy, or sit and chat over a cup of coffee and a board game!

Not up for a ton of physical activity? Here are some trending spots in KW that host large groups and will make your team experience fun!


4. Bond Over Food!

Cooking or Team Building over Food in KitchenerThey say that food has the ability to make everyone happy! Why not do it as a team? Take part in a cooking class or depending on the size of your group or and what your office restrictions are, visit a brewery and take part in a trivia night! Many restaurants and pubs offer fun nights out for groups and teams- as long as the reservations have been made- why not try something new!

Below is a list of some classes offered in the city as well as venues that have regular event nights! Live music, an assortment of food and beverage- where do I sign up!?


5. Get Creative! Get Out! Have Fun!

Creative Team Building NightsWork is stressful enough so don’t make these team building events feel like work! There is so much to do- budget depending- on how you and your team want to create lasting memories!

Here are some really fun nights out that teams large or small can take part in. From paint nights, to taking in a hockey or basketball game, to trying your luck at the races- these events are fun for all age groups and guaranteed to be the topic of conversation around the water cooler in the morning!

Team Building is an awesome way to connect with all members of your team! Get out together and start making going to work fun again!


Jill Reitzel
Event Designer
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