Providing a spotlight for Local Sports

We are excited become a sponsor at 519 Sports Online where they provide a platform to make sure local teams and athletes in our community are provided coverage. We asked Darren to introduce himself and 519 Sports to our audience.

Proud to Sponsor 519 Sports Online providing a voice for local teams and athletes

Darren Stevenson from & Leo Tobi from Brentwood Livery

It’s hard to describe in words how the last few months have been. Thrilling, challenging and exciting are a few of the words that come to mind. My name is Darren Stevenson and I’m the owner and founder of 519 Sports Online.

Our goal is to provide a positive platform for local teams and athletes showcasing their accomplishments and successes. My venture launched October 16, 2017 and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. Every day I’m out in the community generating content, chatting with different sponsors and working hard to build a long term, sustainable platform for all of us.

I would love for you to check out our website to see the videos, articles and pictures at I’m proud of what our community has accomplished so far and I’m excited to continue growing and share our amazing community stories.

A big thank you to the staff at Brentwood Livery for becoming a sponsor and for your ongoing support. I can’t say enough about the great team you’ve got and how much your helping make a difference for local athletes in the 519 area.

Darren Stevenson


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