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Wedding vs Social event Limousine
When it comes to wedding events, at Brentwood Livery there is definitely a difference between a social event trained chauffeur and a wedding event trained, and experienced chauffeur.
Pearle Wedding & Events Referring Partner
This month we would like to highlight Pearle Hospitality as our referring partner of the month. With Pearle weddings & events, you have a choice between six inspired venues, each with its own history and romantic backdrop for your wedding day
Moments Matter: So do lift, thrust, drag and pull! - author Dave Sanderson
Last month we plopped ourselves onto the couch, flicked on Netflix and started watching “Sully” with the family to better understand grade 6 science.
What are you celebrating? Enter to win!
April marks our 29th anniversary of chauffeuring #Unforgettable #experiences and #events for our clients. From Weddings, to sporting events, from corporate functions to airport travel, our goal is always to deliver flawlessly executed, luxury chauffeured limousine service every single time.
Read this...Before hiring a vendor for your wedding day!
The old adage of “buyer beware” depends on the insight, perception, and awareness of the buyer. This article is not written to scare you but to increase your awareness that not all companies have their clients best interest in mind.
HOW to avoid a BOOKING Surprise!!
Have you ever showed up to an event or thought you booked something only to realize, albeit too late, that you actually didn't hit send on your draft email? Or the memory you had of calling to secure your reservation was actually just a dream and didn’t really happen?
Clutch Power Consulting Lego Real Play for Businesses and teams
Who knew that playing Lego would uncover deep-seated beliefs about value, potential, obstacles, dreams, and visions for our lives and the future of our business? Well, I can tell you who — Jonathan Bosman
Desires, Dreams & Hobbies
How important is a person's desires, dreams or hobbies? If you have a dream that you stop pursuing what does that make it? Dead or a Hobby?
Merv Schwantz
Merv Schwantz joined our team with the two Dave's back in September and he has truly become a huge asset to our unforgettable team of chauffeurs.
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