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We have recently teamed up with an organization called Eagle's Flight, based locally in Guelph. On Tuesday, February 26th, we had the amazing opportunity to take some key members of our BWL team to participate in their experiential training session on how to work better as a team.
Leo Tobi, or as some would know him as the ‘face of Brentwood’, has been with our company for close to 7 years. He began his career with BWL as a chauffeur, yet it soon became obvious that he was merely suppressing his desire to be networking with his clients/guests in the back seat.
Complete Music has earned ‘Referring Client of the Month’ because of their ongoing support & promotion of Brentwood’s services. They are the leader in mobile entertainment; specializing in wedding receptions, corporate events and company parties.
This month’s personal column is all about HOCKEY! Most appropriate given that I coach in the NHL...the “Novice House League”, that is. I coach my 8 year old son’s hockey team: “the Flyers”.
Maria as our Team Player of the Month
Nothing happens until something moves, or more accurately... a business is only valuable after a sale is made. However, Maria knows a sale is only valuable after the trip has been completed successfully and the money is in the bank.
Charcoal Group - Wildcraft
What other restaurant group has the local impact of Charcoal Group? They deserve our "Referring Client of the Month", not because they are a fantastic group of restaurants but because they go above and beyond to use, promote and refer Brentwood's services.
family business
Do you ever have trouble pulling out of the minutia of everyday to see the big picture of Life? Even if you love it and all the challenges it brings, there is more to life than work.
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