Zach Snider – March Team Player of the Month

Zack Snider March Team Player of the MonthThis month our team player award goes out to Zack Snider.  Zack is a reliable team member on our detail team that brings his excitement for athletics and officiating to work with him each day. It is a great quality to be passionate about what you love to do! Zack started with Brentwood in October of 2016 but took 3 months off in 2017 to pursue his Rugby passion in New Zealand.  Zack is passionate about his sports and is pursuing his desire to officiate them professionally. Fortunately I have first hand experience of Zacks refereeing as my two boys experience his officiating often for our home hockey games. However, an even greater ambition and pursuit for Zack is his desire to be and Educational Assistant to Kids with special needs.  We are proud for you and with you Zack. Thank you for contributing to our Detail Team and we support you as you continue to grow in your learning of new endeavors!

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