Summer Selfie Saga

Brent's Personal Article - Summer Selfie SagaWhat is an August Unforgettable life newsletter if it doesn’t include a family selfie boating at the lake? In hindsight, I wish we staged the photo just a little better to ensure our youngest Sam, who was surfing the wake behind the boat, was in full frame at the moment the picture was captured. Working on our family selfies is a small obstacle to overcome. Next time. Albert E. N. Gray said “ the common denominator of success is in forming the habit of doing the things that failures don’t like to do.” Learning how to take the best selfies is low on my learning list but to do anything behind the boat requires courage, belief in yourself and facing the risk of falling in order to succeed. I have been working at a new trick for far too many summers, fall after fall, only to be surpassed by my 14 year-old this summer who landed his first 360 surfing the wake behind our boat. Way to go Cade, we are all so proud of your persistence! Keep learning, keep growing.

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