The “RATTLECAN T” 1923 Model T Ford for Sale

1923 Model T Ford for SaleThe “RATTLECAN T” is For Sale to a caring, well balanced, good home.  Although it has been part of our Fleet for over 10 years and been seen in several Oktoberfest parades touring with world renowned celebrities, it’s time to share the joy of this (aka the Bucket T), to a new home. However, after attending the Autotech Symposium focused on electrification, Artificial Intelligence, Ride Sharing and Autonomous Cars with over 100,000,000 lines of code, I’m awfully tempted to keep the car for the day when good old fashioned ‘drive it yourself’ cars are a thing of the past. Yes, my grandchildren will probably laugh at the idea that we drove ourselves everywhere.

1923 Model T Ford for SaleThis old simple technology requires NO connectivity, wifi, software or updates, no computers to maintain and my personal favourite NO automatic wipers.  It has a manual transmission, manual steering but my favourite is the manual windshield wiper handle that is guaranteed to work as long as you do!! LOL.  If you are interested in buying this beauty for your fleet send me an email

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