Brent’s Personal Column

Brent’s Personal Column

2017 Alliance Hockey Champions
Spring is here and our hockey season has come to an end. I finished my men's league on April Fools Day, ironically winning the final game yet losing the series in a shootout to break the tie
brent teaching a hospitality and tourism class
Last month I had the opportunity to host a hospitality and tourism class at Brentwood from Woodland Christian High School. What a pleasure it was to have 22 eager to learn students interested in a topic we are very passionate about.

Walter Gretzky

Visits Brentwood
Walter Gretzky visits Brentwood Livery
It's not everyday you get a visit, let alone an affirmation, that your company is number ONE from legend himself, Walter Gretzky.

Happy 2017, It’s a New Year

Its time to Dream
commitment to positive habits and routines
With 2017 now underway, it is a season to plan, dream and fantasize about your future. I love John C Maxwell’s quote, “You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret to your success is found in your daily routine.”

The Gift of Music

Vailant Conference - Relentless Pursual
Peter Hendershot & Brent Ferguson
It was like I entered into a new world last month when I agreed to drum at Valiant Conference. I remember many a Christmas receiving gifts to add to my drumkit and my percussion toys.

Princess 1/2 Marathon

Our Family Conquered The Disney Princess Run
I know you will find this hard to believe but I am now officially a half marathon Disney Princess. Go ahead, laugh hard and get it out of your system!!
Last month Laura and I took a trip to Denver and had the opportunity to continue to learn from The professor of Harsh reality - Dan Kennedy. He is renowned world-wide as an author, speaker, trusted marketing advisor, and serial, successful, multi-millionaire entrepreneur.
Brentwood Sponsored The Tour D’Hans on September 27th with luxury chauffeured shuttle service for the cyclists. Brentwood also entered a team of cyclists, affectionately named ‘The Old Cranks’.
Muskoka Woods Sports Resort
This year our family was blessed with the opportunity to spend one week at Muskoka Woods Sports Resort on beautiful Lake Rosseau. As a teen, I spent my summers teaching water skiing at the Woods.
Beauty & the Beast, produced at ByDesign Arts Academy
You likely don’t know this about me, but before becoming a business owner I was a budding young actor! I wasn’t exactly on my way to Hollywood but as a child and young teen, I was featured in a number of commercials...
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